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Study Guide for the Canadian Nurses Certification Examination and USA Certification Exams

Canadian Registered Nurse Exam Prep Guide, 5th Edition - English

This comprehensive prep guide was created by the people who develop and own the Canadian Registered Nurse Examination (CRNE). The prep guide includes close to 300 practice questions, including over 75 questions in the new short answer format. The guide provides answers and explanations to help you learn, a performance profile, and valuable test-taking strategies and study tips. It also includes an interactive CD-ROM that allows you to select the questions by format or content category.

Code of Ethics for Registered Nurses

The Code of Ethics for Registered Nurses gives guidance for decision-making concerning ethical matters, serves as a means for self-evaluation and reflection regarding ethical nursing practice, and provides a basis for peer review initiatives. The code not only educates registered nurses about their ethical responsibilities, but also informs other health care professionals and members of the public about the moral commitments expected of nurses.

The code is organized around seven primary values that are central to ethical nursing practice. Each value is articulated by responsibility statements that clarify its application and provide more direct guidance. The values articulated in this code are grounded in the professional nursing relationship with clients and indicate what nurses care about in that relationship.

As societal needs, values and conditions change, the ability of nurses to practise ethically is challenged. The Code of Ethics for Registered Nurses provides guidance for nurses faced with ethical problems in varied settings and areas of practice.
ISBN 1-55119-024-9

34 pages

The Canadian RN Exam Prep Guide (5th Ed) with CD-ROM plus
Code of Ethics for Registered Nurses


Life Screening Cardiovascular

Canadian Nurse Practitioner Examination: Family/All Ages Prep Guide - English

Beginning in the fall of 2005, nurse practitioners across Canada will have the opportunity to write the Canadian Nurse Practitioner Examination: Family/All Ages Prep Guide (CNPE: F/AA).

To help you with your studies, the Canadian Nurses Association, in collaboration with the Canadian Nurse Practitioner Initiative, is pleased to announce the availability of the Canadian Nurse Practitioner Examination: Family/All Ages Prep Guide.

Within the prep guide you will find study strategies, test-taking tips, practice questions and a description of the CNPE: F/AA scoring system. (2005) 193 Pages ISBN 1-55119-923-8 (1st Edition)

Complete Set:


Nuances - Speech to Write

Edens Herbals

Essential Nursing Books which you can get from

comfortable protective face masks Restoro

Studyguides for the USA NCLEX (Registered Nurses Exam)and TOEFL
Books and Courses from the leaders in providing courses for the NCLEX which can be bought from

The International Edition shown below is specially written for the needs of international nursing students.

NCLEX-RN® Exam 2009-2010 Edition
From the creators of the #1 NCLEX-RN® Exam course, Kaplan's best-selling NCLEX-RN® Exam 2009-2010 Edition is the premier guide to passing the exam. With a computer-based practice test on CD-ROM, hundreds of practice questions, and Kaplan's exclusive test-taking strategies, this book is the most extensive and effective NCLEX-RN® Exam preparation guide available. You will pass the NCLEX-RN® Exam
2 full-length practice tests – one paper-and-pencil, and one computer-based, each with 360 exam-style questions.
Insightful performance analysis for your computer-based practice test.
Complete, detailed explanations for every practice test answer.
Exclusive test-taking strategies for NCLEX-RN® Exam success.
Detailed information on NCLEX-RN® Exam content, structure, and format, and analysis of question types.
Key critical thinking strategies.
Techniques for the computer-adaptive test.
Kaplan's Passing Score Guarantee.
About NCLEX-RN® Exam Medications in a Box and the
NCLEX-RN® Exam Prep Book you have the most comprehensive home-study program available to prepare for the NCLEX-RN® exam. This multimedia program provides everything from intensive practice and exclusive test-taking strategies to special content for international nurses. With over 700 pages of content outline, flashcards for review on-the-go, interactive computer adaptive test practice on CD-ROM, and much more.
NCLEX-RN® Diagnostic Exam CD-ROM.
The book, The Basics: Essential Content for International Nurses.
NCLEX-RN® Exam Course Book.
NCLEX-RN® Question Trainer CD-ROM.
Focused Review Test and Explanation booklets.
About NCLEX-RN International Edition:
The NCLEX-RN® examination is the key to your nursing future in the United States. NCLEX-RN International Edition provides everything you need to apply your skills and learning to success on this critical test. Chapter One gives you the special information you need to have as an international nursing candidate taking the NCLEX-RN® exam and seeking work in the U.S. The rest of NCLEX-RN International Edition teaches you the strategies and critical thinking you need to pass the test and begin your nursing career.
A full-length practice test.
Detailed answer explanations.
Information on NCLEX-RN® exam content and structure.
Complete review of all question formats.
Analysis of question types.
Exclusive strategies for NCLEX-RN® exam success.
Techniques for the computer-adaptive test.
Special information for nurses planning to work in the U.S.


Get all the practice you need to pass the NCLEX-RN examination with Saunders Q&A for the NCLEX-RNĀ® Examination, 4th Edition! Over 5,200 NCLEX-RN examination-style questions each with rationales, test-taking strategies, and textbook page references for each question provide immediate feedback and make it easy to learn and understand the material.

Plus, you can study on the computer in three different modes - study, quiz, or exam - with the companion CD.

UNIQUE! Page references to Mosby or Saunders textbooks direct you to additional material for any question answered incorrectly.
Questions categorized by cognitive level, client needs area, integrated process, and clinical content area help you focus on the question types you find most difficult.
UNIQUE! Chapters organized by Client Needs familiarize you with the question mix in the NCLEX test plan blueprint.
All alternate item format-questions (multiple response, prioritizing, fill-in-the-blank, figure/illustration, and chart/exhibit) are included.
Introductory chapters on nonacademic preparation, test-taking tips, the unique CAT format, and more provide a solid foundation for your NCLEX-RN examination review.

This is the Course for the Computer based TOEFL Test.

The Peterson TOEFL Course is also very popular

About TOEFL® CBT Exam, Third Edition:
From the creators of the #1 TOEFL course...TOEFL® CBT Exam, Third Edition is Kaplan's comprehensive guide to preparing for the TOEFL computer-based test. This bestseller includes a CD with both an audio and CBT component, Kaplan's exclusive test-taking strategies, and in-depth practice and review for every section of the TOEFL. TOEFL® CBT Exam is the most realistic preparation available for the exam.
Full-length diagnostic testing to identify your strong and weak areas.
4 full-length practice tests with detailed explanations for every answer.
Hundreds of realistic practice questions.
In-depth review of listening comprehension, grammar, reading, and writing
Effective test-taking strategies to help you maximize your score on every section of the test.
CD audio component includes 7 academic lectures and 78 conversations for listening comprehension, plus diagnostic test listening comprehension review.
CD computer-based test component includes 4 full-length tests with score analysis; sample questions; detailed answers; strategies for listening, structure, reading, and writing; and a special section on admission to U.S. universities.
Kaplan's Higher Score Guarantee.

About MCAT Comprehensive Review with CD-ROM: 2020-21 Edition
From the creators of the #1 MCAT course...Kaplan's best-selling MCAT Comprehensive Review with CD-ROM: 2008-09 Edition is the premier guide to scoring well on the MCAT. This edition comes complete with a targeted review of all the tested material on the new MCAT, plus Kaplan's highly effective test-taking strategies. With this powerful combination, MCAT Comprehensive Review is the best way for you to get the high MCAT score you need to get into medical school. You will score higher. Kaplan guarantees it.
Full-length practice MCAT with detailed explanations for every answer.
In-depth Verbal Reasoning section with 2 full-length Verbal Reasoning tests.
Intensive science review, including 15 biology review chapters, 11 chemistry review chapters, 15 organic chemistry review chapters, and 12 physics review chapters.
Effective test-taking strategies to help you maximize your score on every section of the test.
Practice sets for each MCAT section.
Special CD-ROM features, including timed practice test questions, detailed and personalized scoring analysis, complete explanations for every answer, MCAT flashcards, and more.
Exclusive tips and strategies to effectively deal with time constraints, stress, and every question type on the test.
Kaplan's Higher Score Guarantee.

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