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Individual (Single) Job Vacancy Posting for Companies

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Company posting individual vacancy for
120 days with a link from one Category (e.g. Finance or Health or a Country Page)- single webpage - no changes
US $ 79.00 Product ID

For every additional 30 days US $ 30.00 Product ID

If you want to make subsequent changes to a single page advertisement during its 120 day running period for each change to the page (you can make as many changes as you like but they have all to be done at the same single event) US $ 29.00
Per event
Product ID

* * * * * *

Multiple Company Job Vacancy Page with set number of changes (additions/deletions/modifications) of jobs vacancy entries.

(if desired with a link to your own web page - client to supply logos)

Corporate Job Vacancy Advertising on one Page for 5 concurrent Vacancies

with your Name and Logo or anonymous Box Number (Max.200 words description per Job entry)
Product ID

5 concurrent Vacancies on the same page-
US$ 295.00 per Year
80 Changes per period

Product ID

US $ 195 for 6 months
40 Changes per period

Product ID

US $145 for 3 months
20 Changes per period

Product ID

Product ID

Product ID

As soon as payment is received instructions will be sent (within 24 hours) to tell you how to place the advertisements

Maximum 200/300 words per vacancy. The time duration of individual advertisements is up to the client

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